Mama Bar Coral Necklace - Rose Gold

Mama Bar Coral Necklace - Rose Gold

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As a mama do you feel that life is always busy with endless chores and there is never enough time for yourself? Slow down, and breath in the scent from your necklace for a moment and write it in your heart that the secret of attraction is to love yourself. 

  • Stainless steel
  • Bar size: 35 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm
  • Coral beads diameter: 6 mm
  • Rose Gold color plated adjustable 19" - 21" link chain with lobster clasp
  • Choose from two coral beads positions. 2 cm above the bar or right beside the bar
  • Depending on the grade of the oil, the scent will last from several hours to one day

How to use: put one drop of none colored oil on each coral bead. Let the oil sink in for a few minutes then gently wipe of any excess. Put it on and enjoy the scent!

Note: colored oil will stain the white coral beads.

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